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Andriushchenko: occupiers treat Mariupol residents as slaves, turn city into true ghetto

Movement within the city is restricted, and special permits are issued to be on a street.

Andriushchenko: occupiers treat Mariupol residents as slaves, turn city into true ghetto
Photo: EPA/UPG

Yesterday, the occupiers banned entrance to Mariupol even from the direction of Novoazovsk.

It was informed by the Adviser of the city mayor Petro Andriushchenko.

The movement within the city is also restricted. Entrance to Mariupol for citizens of Ukraine without a certificate stating that filtration has been passed is impossible. 

“Citizens of russia and “dnr” are allowed the entrance without filtration for 3 days. The certificate of filtration for all other people is valid for 7 days only,” the message has.

Besides, the occupiers announced the issuance of a specific document – a permit to be outside a building. 

“The city turns into a real ghetto. The attitude of the occupiers to the citizens of Mariupol is like that to slaves, and it does not depend on what kind of position the residents have – pro-Ukrainian or pro-Russian. Some ease in requirements is made to elderly people and children, all other people remain under constant psychological pressure,” Andriushchenko said.

Andriushchenko stated that the only and the main goal of the control over Mariupol is access to the port as the deepest seaport on the Sea of Azov, and arranging the military base there.

The occupiers want to resettle people in Mariupol in the area near the seaport to serve the port operation.

It is known that russia transported to Cheboksary and Vladivostok almost 800 Ukrainians from Mariupol, and deported 308 residents of Mariupol to the Far East, the city of Nakhodka in the Prymorye territory.

Russian leaders had plans to deport the major part of Ukrainians to its concentration camps in western Siberia for forced labor during construction of new cities.

The ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova said that according to the applications submitted to her office, a quarter of 16 thousand Ukrainians who are being searched for as lost one is from Mariupol.

Denisova informed that over 915 thousand Ukrainians have been transported to the rf, 170 thousand of them are children.

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