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Australia sends Ukraine six 155mm cannons M-777

 Amount of military support to our country amounts 225m dollars, plus 65m worth of humanitarian help.

Australia sends Ukraine six 155mm cannons M-777
cannons M777 and M777ER
Photo: US Army

 Australia will provide Ukraine with more heavy artillery and ammunition, sais AAPNews.

 Gross amount of military support from Australia is 225m dollars. Additional 65m worth of humanitarian help, together with 70thsd tons of coal.

 “Australian government will continue the search for opportunities for further military support, where it can be promptly provided for Ukrainian Armed Forces,” – emphasized the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison.

 Earlier, in the beginning of April, Australia sent 20 Bushmaster protected Mobility Vehicles to Ukraine, and announced additional $20m military support. Also, the country had imposed sanctions against russian Gazprom, RZD, and KamAZ. 

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