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Serhiy Prytula's charity buys ICEYE satellite capability, access to imagery

Serhiy Prytula's charity buys ICEYE satellite capability, access to imagery
Photo: Facebook/Serhiy Prytula

The Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation has purchased a satellite and access to the ICEYE satellite constellation image database, Prytula has announced on Facebook.

"We have bought a satellite! But it is not just one satellite, it gives us access to the satellite imagery database of the ICEYE constellation of satellites," he said in a video message.

"We have bought this access for more than a year in advance, our army will now get high quality satellite imagery as quickly as possible to help us with operational planning. There will be a lot of blasts," Prytula added.

He said that the UAH 600 million collected for Turkish drones within the framework of the People's Bayraktar campaign were redirected to buy the satellite, after the Turkish side announced that Ukraine would receive three strike drones for free.

In addition, Prytula thanked Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov in coordination with whom the agreement was made.

"Mr. Minister, we have coped with the task you set us and we are waiting for a new one. You may safely report to the Commander-in-Chief that the satellite is ours!" he said.

He congratulated Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, on adding the satellite to the department's arsenal. He separately thanked Max Polyakov, thanks to whose involvement "we were able to implement this project quietly, quickly and, most importantly, competently".

"The biggest words of gratitude I now address to all the people and businesses that have provided the financial side of this agreement. You can be proud, because I do not know such cases in the history, when the people, from old to small, have donated money together and bought a satellite for their country. And our unity gives hope for victory because we are invincible when we are united. We wanted to buy a Bayaktar and raised money for this and what we have is the people's Bayraktars and the people's satellite. A simple message to the Russians will complement the famous Winston Churchill speech: 'We shall fight on land, at sea, in the air…' and now also in outer space. We work for victory and we work until victory. Glory to Ukraine!" Prytula concluded.

The company itself published a satellite image of the Crimean bridge in a press release of this news.

As part of the agreement, ICEYE will transfer full capabilities of one of its SAR satellites already in orbit for the Government of Ukraine’s use over the region. The SAR satellite will be operated by ICEYE. In addition, ICEYE will provide access to its constellation of SAR satellites, allowing the Ukrainian Armed Forces to receive radar satellite imagery on critical locations with a high revisit frequency.

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