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Majority of Ukrainians support complete cut of ties with Russia - poll

Despite the war, Ukrainians mostly think positively about the country's future.

Majority of Ukrainians support complete cut of ties with Russia - poll

More than 90% of those surveyed believe Ukraine will win the war against the Russian invaders. (77% - believe and 15% - rather believe). Only 4% of respondents do not believe or rather do not believe in the victory, according to the findings of a survey by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Razumkov Centre.

Some 31% of those who believe in victory expect it to take place before the end of this year, 34% believe that it will take 1-2 years, 7% believe that it will take 3 to 5 years. Another 23% found it difficult to answer this question, and a few percent say that victory will come in the very long term.

When asked what could be considered a victory, the majority of respondents (55%) say that the expulsion of Russian troops from the entire territory of Ukraine and the restoration of borders as of January 2014 could be considered a victory, 20.5% say that a victory in the war for them would be the destruction of the Russian army and the promotion of rebellion/disintegration within Russia.

A relatively small proportion of respondents would consider ending the war with some form of concession from Ukraine a victory. About 9% would consider the expulsion of Russian troops from the entire territory of Ukraine, except for occupied Crimea, 7.5% would consider the restoration of the status quo as of 23 February 2022 a victory, and 3% would consider it a victory if the war ends, even if the Russian army remains in the territories that have been seized as a result of the full-scale invasion.

More than 75% of respondents would support a decision after Ukraine wins and de-occupies its territory to completely sever all relations with Russia, up to and including a complete ban on Russians entering Ukraine.

Some 86% of respondents believe that the Russian leadership bears the main responsibility for the war in Ukraine, 42.5% of the respondents also believe that Russian citizens bear the same responsibility.

At the same time, about 20%, among others, blame the Ukrainian leadership for the invasion, and 18% and 16%, respectively, blame NATO member states and the US leadership.

Despite the war, Ukrainians are predominantly positive about the future of Ukraine. In particular, hope is the most common feeling about the future of Ukraine - 65.5% of the respondents feel it. Some 40% of respondents feel optimistic. Anxiety grips 31.5% of respondents, while 23.5% have confidence in the future.

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