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Ukraine, EU ink five joint agreements in Brussels

Ukraine, EU ink five joint agreements in Brussels
Photo: Cabinet of Ministers

Ukraine and the European Union signed five agreements in Brussels in the presence of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal on 5 September, according to the Cabinet of Ministers website.

According to Shmyhal, these deals lead our country closer to accession into the European Union, as well as contribute to the victory of Ukraine in the war against the russian aggressor. He noted that two of these agreements provide for the allocation of additional funds to Ukraine to the tune of EUR 622m.

"The EU will disburse EUR 500m to provide housing for internally displaced persons, as well as to support small farmers so that they can continue and develop their businesses. In addition, another sum worth EUR 122m will be allocated for grants to state authorities, local governments and civic organizations," Shmyhal said.

Apart from that, the prime minister noted that Ukraine would now join the Digital Europe Programme with a budget of EUR 7.5bn. This will enable us to activate projects in the field of development of supercomputers, artificial intelligence, cyber security and digital skills within our state. According to Shmyhal, this is a critical component in obtaining a digital visa-free regime with the European Union.

The following agreements were signed on 5 September:

1. Agreement on Ukraine's participation in the EU Digital Europe Programme (2021-2027).

2. Agreement on the participation of Ukraine in the EU program for cooperation in the customs sector.

3. Agreement on the participation of Ukraine in the EU Fiscalis Programme on cooperation in the tax field.

4. Agreement on providing Ukraine with budgetary support worth EUR 500 million.

5. Additional agreement on the redistribution of funds for grant funding within the framework of supporting Ukraine in the state of emergency.

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