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Ukrainian intelligence to pay $100,000 for capturing Girkin

Activists will add an extra $50,000.

Ukrainian intelligence to pay $100,000 for capturing Girkin
Igor Girkin, 10 July 2014
Photo: EPA/UPG

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate has said it will pay $100,000 dollars for capturing one of Russia's best known separatist commanders and war proponents, Igor Girkin (Strelkov).

The directorate noted that Girkin decided to get directly involved in the hostilities against Ukraine again.

"Igor Girkin (Strelkov) is a Russian terrorist, former so-called DPR defence minister. The SBU and the Prosecutor-General's Office have initiated a number of cases against Girkin for terrorist activities, torture, murder and violation of state sovereignty. He was also put on the international wanted list by the Netherlands in the case of the downing of the civilian Boeing 777 flight MH17," the Main Intelligence Directorate said.

Ukrainian intelligence published a phone number for contacts on the matter: +380 93 117 5809 (via Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal).

It added that no war criminal will escape punishment.

Before that, the fundraising for a reward to capture Girkin was launched by Ukrainian activist Serhiy Sternenko. Later, other famous personalities joined him.

Today, Sternenko said that they had managed to raise another $50,000.

"Together with the previously offered funds from me, Taras Topolya, Valeriy Markus, Serhiy Stakhovskyy and Serhiy Hayday, the amount has already reached $150,000," Sternenko tweeted.

Earlier, a Latvian news outlet published an investigation, according Girkin, two agents who poisoned Russian politician Alexei Navalny and the hired killer of Chechen refugee Khangoshvili have the same FSB passport series.

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