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Ukraine brings home 52 servicemen from captivity

Among them are Azvostal and Mariupol defenders and rescuers.

Ukraine brings home 52 servicemen from captivity
Photo: Andriy Yermak

Another exchange of prisoners of war took place today. Ffity-two Ukrainian defenders were released from Russian captivity, presidential office head Andriy Yermak has said on Telegram.

Among the released are 12 soldiers of the National Guard, including two Azov members, 18 from the Navy, eight from the State Border Service, nine from the Territorial Defence, three soldiers of the Armed Forces and two civilians.

"Defenders of Azovstal, Mariupol defenders and people who saved lives are returning home. We managed to exchange the head of the surgical ward at Mariupol military hospital, who was at Azovstal, and a young military surgeon of the 65th military mobile hospital. We are bringing home a marine whose wife has recently been released from captivity and a volunteer from Mariupol with the symbolic surname Moskva, as well as a sailor from Zmiyinyy Island," Yermak said.

He added that the soldiers who were taken prisoner in the Chornobyl zone were released.

As of 27 October, Ukraine has conducted 28 prisoner exchanges, having recovered 978 people from captivity.

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