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Parliament deprives five pro-Russian deputies of their mandates

During the session, the tribune was blocked.

Parliament deprives five pro-Russian deputies of their mandates

The Verkhovna Rada has deprived five pro-Russian MPs of their mandates - Viktor Medvedchuk, Andriy Derkach, Renat Kuzmin and Andriy Aksyonov, Voice (Holos) faction MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak told

During the debate, tribune blocking took place.

"Due to the loss of citizenship (the President signed the Decree - ed.) of deputies: Viktor Medvedchuk - 320 - in favour (voting for this decision in the photo), Taras Kozak - 317 - in favour; Andriy Derkach - 314 - in favour; Renat Kuzmin - 319 - in favour. At his own request - Andriy Aksyonov - 294 in favour," he said.

Zheleznyak noted that the voting "was taking place with a scandal from the very morning".

"First, there was a 40-minute discussion about where to fit the voting on the agenda. The Coalition proposed considering it at the end of the agenda (because there would not be enough votes for anything). Other factions and groups proposed to start the day by depriving these deputies of their mandates," said the MP.

According to him, the deputies were deprived of their mandates after three votes and tribune blocking.

MP Oleksiy Honcharenko also posted a video from the Parliament hall. According to him, the MPs ensured that depriving Medvedchuk and the company of their mandates would happen in the first place because the authorities wanted to delay the consideration of the issue.

In turn, David Arakhamiya said that the Verkhovna Rada is being cleared of Putin's fans.

"As of today, 10 deputies have lost their mandates. 6 - from the Opposition Platform For Life and 4 more - from their political orbit. There will be even more. But in a legal and constitutional way. It is longer than we would like it to be. But it does not give collaborators a chance to appeal," he wrote.

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