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Ukrainians trust Come Back Alive, Prytula Foundation, UAnimals most among charities

The top five organisations also include UNICEF and the Red Cross Society.

Ukrainians trust Come Back Alive, Prytula Foundation, UAnimals most among charities
Photo: Come Back Alive

According to the Kantar Online Track survey conducted in April, Ukrainians have indicated the organizations and areas of assistance they are most willing to donate to.

The top five trusted organisations are:

· Come Back Alive, the foundation for competent assistance to the army (43%);

· Serhiy Prytula's charity foundation (42%);

· UAnimals animal rescue organisation (25%);

· UNICEF (23%);

· Ukrainian Red Cross Society (21%).

The next in the list are the charity foundation Tabletochki (19%), the United 24 fundraising platform (17%), and the charity platform (17%). Other foundations and projects were mentioned by fewer than 10% of respondents.

The survey indicates that Ukrainians are willing to donate the most significant amounts to organizations that assist the army. Specifically, 48% of respondents expressed their readiness to donate over UAH 500. Meanwhile, 35% of respondents are willing to donate more than UAH 500 to support children.

Respondents are also prepared to donate more than UAH 500 to help the following categories:

· people with diseases (28%);

· the elderly (23%);

· animals and shelters affected by the war (22%);

· internally displaced persons (18%);

· culture (9%).

As of 11 April 2023, the top five pages with the largest number of followers across all social media platforms studied are the charitable foundations Come Back Alive, UAnimals, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, United24, and Tabletochki.

Ukrainian intelligence reports that the ICEYE spacecraft, acquired through donations by Ukrainians to the Serhiy Prytula Foundation, was instrumental in identifying and eliminating thousands of pieces of Russian military equipment.

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