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Ukrainian Armed Forces advance another 700 metres in vicinity of Bakhmut

Twenty-three Russian soldiers were killed yesterday alone.

Ukrainian Armed Forces advance another 700 metres in vicinity of Bakhmut
Photo: Facebook/93rd Brigade

The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade has advanced another 700 metres in the vicinity of Bakhmut, Donetsk Region, the brigade's press service has said.

"The 3rd Assault Brigade continues to drive the occupiers out of their positions near Bakhmut! A stretch of land 1,730m long and another 700m deep has been cleared of the enemy. While trying to regain the positions previously taken by Ukrainian soldiers, the units of the 72nd Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces were defeated and smashed to pieces. In yesterday's fighting alone, 23 occupiers were killed, and over 40 became 'three it said.

The brigade noted that the task was completed by the soldiers of the 2nd assault battalion.

"We are confidently moving forward, successfully repelling enemy attacks," the brigade added.

On 21 May, President Zelenskyy denied that during his meeting with US President Biden he had said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had lost control of Bakhmut.

Also, the spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Serhiy Cherevatyy, said that the Defence Forces continue to hold positions in the southwestern part of the city.

According to the commander of the Ground Forces, Oleksandr Syrskyy, Ukrainian soldiers are advancing along the flanks in the suburbs of Bakhmut and are actually close to the city's tactical encirclement.

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