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Ukrainian Armed Forces may receive several dozen F-16s - Ihnat

The F-16 can replace all types of aircraft currently in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ukrainian Armed Forces may receive several dozen F-16s - Ihnat
Photo: US Air Force

The Ukrainian military may receive several dozen F-16 fighters in the future, Yuriy Ihnat, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, has told the telethon.

"Several dozen aircraft may be transferred to Ukraine initially to solve current problems," he said.

He noted that Ukraine currently has four types of main aircraft in its arsenal: SU-24; SU-25; MiG-29; SU-27.

"All these types of aircraft can be replaced by a single multi-role F-16 aircraft," Ihnat said.

The United States and other G7 member states have agreed to send F-16 fighters to Ukraine.

On Friday, 19 May, President Joe Biden told the G7 leaders that the United States would support efforts to train Ukrainian pilots on modern aircraft, including F-16s. In addition, in recent weeks, the Biden administration has signaled to European allies that the United States will allow them to export F-16s to Ukraine.

According to US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, the United States supported joint efforts to train Ukrainian pilots on fourth-generation fighter jets, including the F-16. International partners will soon decide how to supply Ukraine with the aircraft.

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