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Ukraine says 40,000 tonnes of grain damaged by Russian attack on Danube ports

The port of Izmayil was hit the worst.

Ukraine says 40,000 tonnes of grain damaged by Russian attack on Danube ports

During a nighttime air attack, Russia damaged 40,000 tonnes of grain in Danube ports, Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said in a Facebook post with photos of the aftermath.

"Behind these photos are the lives of hundreds of millions of people. In Ukraine, in Europe, in Africa. Adults and children, poor and rich, those who are on the side of civilisation and those who, unfortunately, still support the Russians. The photos show the destroyed infrastructure of the ports of the Danube cluster. Last night, Russia attacked them with Iranian drones. These are the very ports that have become the basis of global food security today," he said.

The minister noted that Ukrainian grain is irreplaceable for the world and cannot be substituted by any other country in the coming years. That is why any disruption in the supply chain causes shortages and price hikes.

Kubrakov said that the Russians had attacked warehouses and elevators, damaging almost 40,000 tonnes of grain that had been expected in African countries, China and Israel. The port of Izmayil suffered the greatest damage. The seaport and the infrastructure of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, the key Ukrainian cargo carrier on the Danube, were damaged.

"The world must resist. Attacks on Ukrainian ports are a threat to the world. We are able to defend ourselves, our air defence forces are able to use weapons effectively. We need more of them. Each system is a life saved. Speed and determination are the lot of the strong," the minister stressed.

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