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Almost 40 countries to join meeting in Saudi Arabia on peace for Ukraine - Zelenskyy

They will be represented by advisers to foreign leaders and diplomats.

Almost 40 countries to join meeting in Saudi Arabia on peace for Ukraine - Zelenskyy
Photo: Ukrainian presidential office

Representatives of almost 40 states will take part in a meeting in Saudi Arabia on a peace formula for Ukraine. These are advisers to the leaders of the countries and representatives of the foreign ministries, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at a meeting with Ukrainian ambassadors.

He noted that Ukrainian humanitarian influences, role and traditions in international relations can help with the return of Ukrainian children who were deported to Russia, and with the return of captured Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. For this, Ukraine is working at the national level and with foreign partners.

"It is especially important to work with the countries of the global south, which Russia is constantly trying to manipulate, and the aggressor state should not even have the opportunity to create the appearance that a significant part of the world supports the aggressor and Russian terror. This week, advisers to the leaders of states and representatives of the foreign ministries will meet in Jeddah. This is the second meeting, with nearly 40 states participating. The first meeting was, as you know, in Copenhagen. The third step will be to organise a summit, a global peace summit. We are working to ensure that this happens this autumn, and that the summit requires and can have a global majority of representatives from the north and south, east and west," the president said.

On 30 July, the president's office confirmed that a new event was being prepared in Saudi Arabia aimed at implementing Ukraine's initiatives to restore sustainable and just peace. To implement the formula, Ukraine insists on a three-phase approach. The first phase includes meetings with ambassadors accredited to Ukraine to give a detailed consideration of each of the points of the formula. During the second phase, Ukraine initiates meetings of national security advisers to find the best wording and mechanisms for implementing the Ukrainian peace plan. The third stage will include a constituent global summit at the level of state leaders, which could take place by the end of the year.

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