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PM: In order to return children to Ukraine, we need to close sky

Security is what will enable businesses and Ukrainians to return home. 

PM: In order to return children to Ukraine, we need to close sky

More than 770,000 children are officially registered in the education systems of the European Union countries.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal stated this at the meeting of ambassadors.

"We believe that there are far more children. A million children is a huge resource for our future, which must be returned here. Security is necessary to bring children back here. Because their mothers and fathers ask why to return children, if they are already adapting, assimilating in those countries," he said.

The leader emphasised that security is what will enable business and Ukrainians to return home.

"Therefore, closing the sky is something that needs to be worked on. Task No. 1 - the system of anti-aircraft defence, anti-missile defence, F-16 is what we need today," Shmyhal added.

The Minister of Education of Ukraine Oksen Lisovyy reported that the results of children's studies abroad will be counted in Ukraine. Enrollment to the school after returning to Ukraine is established upon the application of one of the parents, guardians or legal representatives. 

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