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Ukraine's ambassador to USA: No direct evidence of China supplying weapons to Russia

But there is evidence that Chinese companies have helped Russians purchase sanctioned components.

Ukraine's ambassador to USA: No direct evidence of China supplying weapons to Russia
Photo: Oksana Markarova's press service

The Embassy of Ukraine in the United States, along with US export control authorities, are monitoring data on China's arms transfers to Russia. There is currently no direct evidence that China is supplying weapons to Russia, Ukraine's Ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, has told

However, there are many Chinese companies on the US sanctions sanctions that have helped Russians circumvent restrictions and buy components that could be used in the war. For example, semiconductors.

Work is also underway with regard to Iran.

"We are getting information about which legal companies and individuals are involved in this process, in particular, who is importing technology, chips, and any other spare parts. The USA imposes sanctions as soon as they verify the information we provide. The United States has also removed the classification of a large amount of data, especially those related to Shahed drones, to prove that they are of Iranian origin and impose sanctions on the companies concerned. Finding and imposing sanctions against those who help Russia and Iran to circumvent sanctions is one of the main areas of work for the US Treasury Department and the US Department of Commerce," Markarova said.

She added that as a result of joint work since September 2022, the United States has adopted about 12 sanctions packages and export control measures against individuals and entities involved in the production and transfer of Iranian UAVs.

In May, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry's Main Intelligence Directorate said that China does not supply Russia with weapons, but its electronic equipment can be used by Russians for missiles. According to its chief, the volume of Chinese electronics supplies is significant. The CIA also believes that China and Russia share intelligence.

Politico wrote in July that China is secretly sending non-lethal equipment and supplies to Russia to continue the war in Ukraine.

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