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National Resistance Centre: Russians plot provocation at Kursk NPP

Preparations for evacuation are under way.

National Resistance Centre: Russians plot provocation at Kursk NPP
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Russians are plotting an act of provocation at the Kursk nuclear power plant and preparing the evacuation of the local population, according to documents made available to Ukraine’s National Resistance Centre.

According to the underground, preparations are ongoing to evacuate the population from a potentially polluted area in case of a nuclear incident at the NPP. Local authorities have been instructed to take stock of available transport means.

There are plans to evacuate from 21,000 to 57,000 people whereas Kursk Region has over 1 million residents and the population of the city of Kursk is 435,000. The planned numbers are indicative of the selective nature of evacuation.

People are planned to be evacuated to the north to Zheleznogorsky, Bolshoye Soldatskoye, Shchigry, Gorshechnoye.

“Ukraine’s Defence Forces are acting exclusively in the territory of Ukraine and are not planning any attacks on nuclear plants. Russians need this provocation to distract global attention from the seizure of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant,” the National Resistance Centre noted.

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