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Missile hits police building in Kryvyy Rih, kills policeman, wounds 60 more people

Law enforcement officers were making door-to-door visits to houses near the site of the attack. 

Missile hits police building in Kryvyy Rih, kills policeman, wounds 60 more people
Photo: Serhiy Lysak

An explosion occurred in Kryvyy Rih, Dnipropetrovsk Region. A rocket hit an administrative building, according to RMA Serhiy Lysak.

"The garages caught fire. The fire covered 200 sq.m. The information is being clarified," he wrote.

Later, law enforcement officials said that the rocket hit the police administrative building.

According to updated data from the Internal Ministry as of 15:00, one person was killed in the attack, and the number of injured increased to 60.

At 14:42, the State Emergency Service reported that the rubble had been cleared. One person was killed and 59 injured.

At 13:30, search and rescue operations were completed. One person was reported dead and 54 injured. Among them are nine law enforcement officers.

As of 12:38 p.m., 52 people were reported injured in Kryvyy Rih. Three of them are in a serious condition. One person died - a law enforcement officer. This was reported by Serhiy Lysak on Telegram.

He noted that they managed to extinguish the fire that broke out due to a missile strike. Services are working. They are clearing the rubble, removing garbage and broken glass. The missile attack damaged 14 administrative buildings, a religious building, 17 apartment buildings and 4 private houses. More than four dozen cars were damaged.

Photo: Serhiy Lysak on Telegram

Hubs have been set up on the spot. Water, food, and building materials are available. Those caught in the middle of the events are being provided with psychological assistance. More than 70 people needed it. 

As of 12:38 a.m., 44 people were reported injured as a result of a Russian missile attack on Kryvyy Rih, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported. At the psychological aid center, 68 people received help.

Photo: Serhiy Lysak via Telegram

At 10:53 a.m., the head of the city's Defence Council, Vilkul, said that 41 people were wounded.

As of 10:41 a.m., 32 people were reported injured.

"There are already 32 injured due to the missile attack in Kryvyy Rih. Most of them are in moderate or 'satisfactory' condition. However, there are also seriously injured ones. Three administrative buildings and seven residential ones were damaged. The fire that started in the garages has been localised," said Lysak.

Photo: State Emergency Service

Earlier, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said that a policeman was killed as a result of the Russian strike.

"Three more rescuers have been taken out of the rubble by the State Emergency Service. They are in serious condition. Six employees have received injuries of varying severity. Emergency workers are extinguishing a fire of 200 sq.m. In addition, nearby residential buildings were also damaged. The police are making door-to-door visits to check on the condition of the residents. Rescue operations are underway," the statement said.

Police urged residents to stay away from the emergency services for safety reasons.

Photo: Serhiy Lysak

On the night of 28 August, the Russian army attacked Kryvyy Rih with missiles. The city were attacked from tactical aircraft from the south. Two cottages were destroyed as a result of the attack. 

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