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Sternenko: $300mn damage caused after attack on airfield in Pskov

All drones involved in the operation are 100% Ukrainian-made. 

Sternenko: $300mn damage caused after attack on airfield in Pskov
Photo: video screenshot

During the drone attack on the airfield in Pskov, Russia suffered about $300mn damage, stated activist and volunteer Serhiy Sternenko in an interview with

"The amount of damage is more than $200mn. It was clear after a more detailed study of the video of the damage," he said.

Sternenko noted that a total of six enemy aircraft were hit.

"The approximate amount of damage is probably 300mn dollars... And as of today, this is probably the largest sum on the enemy's territory in terms of losses for the aggressor for the entire period of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Before that, there were some in Engels, in Ryazan... A Tu-22 M3 was destroyed... But the operation in Pskov was the most painful for the occupiers," Sternenko said.

"My part was the purchase of munitions. And the intelligence work began at the beginning of this year. Therefore, we did not announce a public collection and there was no public reporting. And we supplied the UAVs

 that did this work. And I have very bad news for the Russians that the drones will carry out more than one more operation," he said emphasising that the drones involved in the operation are 100% Ukrainian-made.

On 30 August, the Main Intelligence Directorate (DIU) confirmed the destruction of four Russian Il-56 aircraft during a drone attack on the Russian city of Pskov. It was noted that two more aircraft may be damaged. 

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