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The war in Gaza creates an alliance of interests between Ukraine and Israel

Throughout the war between Ukraine and Russia, the State of Israel refrained from fully joining the West in providing logistical, military, and other support to Ukraine. Israel's concern stemmed mainly from the fear of Russia's response to everything related to Syria and Israel's activity against Hezbollah and Iran. On October 7, this policy collapsed, along with other concepts built by the Israeli leadership. 

While Israel refrains from over-involvement in the Ukrainian campaign, Russia's enormous involvement vis-à-vis the Iranians and even Hamas directly is revealed. Iranian involvement in the terrible massacre that took place in Israel on October 7 is clear. The orders came from Iran, the weapons from Iran, the training was in Iran, and an Iranian promise that at this stage has not been fulfilled to bring about a regional war. But what was revealed only in recent days was direct Russian involvement with Hamas. More and more testimonies emerge from the involvement of the Russian GRU in advising Hamas officials, in visits by senior Hamas figures to Moscow, and up to the provision of an encrypted communications system to Hamas. All this joins the enormous cooperation between Iran and Russia against Ukraine, both in the unprecedented supply of attack drones, missiles, war equipment, consulting, and in violation of economic sanctions. Before our eyes, a new Russia-Iran-Hamas axis has been created.

Now that it is clear to the world about the Russian Iranian involvement in the campaign in both Ukraine and Israel, Israel and Ukraine have become partners of destiny. As such, they must join arms in the international arena and work together to harm Russia and Iran as much as possible in the international arena. Although it seems that the international arena has grown a little tired of the war between Ukraine and Russia, we must act now to reawaken the campaign and understand that we are in a global war. Therefore, Israel and Ukraine must work together today in the international arena in order to bring about an unprecedented circumvention of the sanctions imposed on Iran and Russia around the world, which will lead to a real freeze of assets and the closure of financing channels, alongside the filing of civil lawsuits of victims in both Ukraine and Israel against entities that assist Iran and Russia.

Israel and Ukraine must jointly exert international pressure in the West and the United States to formulate a joint plan vis-à-vis Iran and Russia. While operating a Jewish lobby in the United States, a number of influential bodies around the world and some of the largest law firms in the world for the benefit of the campaign. 

Israel should change its policy regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia and help Ukraine much more effectively. 

Ehud LeviEhud Levi, Mossad legend, former high-ranking Israeli foreign intelligence officer.
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