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MP Nikolayenko's car hits 18-year-old girl dead

He says he did not violate traffic rules.

MP Nikolayenko's car hits 18-year-old girl dead
Photo: Interior Ministry

Police are working at the scene of an accident in Zhytomyr Region that killed an 18-year-old girl, the Interior Ministry has said.

According to preliminary reports, the car was driven by a 44-year-old resident of Kyiv Region, a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

The driver of a Mercedes-Benz GLE, moving in the direction of Chop in the left lane, hit a pedestrian. As a result of the accident, the 18-year-old girl died on the spot. The accident occurred at around 9:45 a.m. on the Kyiv - Chop highway in the village of Berezivtsi, Zhytomyr District.

The driver was later identified as Andriy Nikolayenko, a member of the Fatherland party. The MP's wife was also in the car.

The MP confirmed that he had been involved in an accident.

"Unfortunately, it is true. Today, the worst thing that can happen to a driver happened to me - a person died under the wheels of the car I was driving. You already know all the circumstances of the accident from media reports... I assure you that I will fully cooperate with the investigative actions being carried out by the State Bureau of Investigation and will voluntarily undergo all the necessary examinations. I was sober, I did not viokate the rules, but the tragedy could not be avoided," he said.

He expressed condolences to the girl's family.

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