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Ukrainian intelligence: "We will return Crimea, no matter how long it takes"

Intelligence officers talked about "Boyko's rigs", Tarkhankut and their intelligence drive.

Ukrainian intelligence: "We will return Crimea, no matter how long it takes"

Officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine (GUR) have shared the details of their operations at the so-called Boyko's rigs, on Tarkhankut and their intelligence drive. They promise to return Crimea to Ukraine, no matter how long it takes.

Intelligence work and common sense are incompatible. Thanks to their drive and an unquenchable desire to move forward, Ukrainian intelligence conducts successful operations in the Black Sea. And they promise to do everything to bring Crimea back home.

The new video of the Ukrainian Witness project features GUR scouts conducting operations in the Black Sea. These guys led the landing of the Special Forces on Cape Tarkhankut on the night of 24 August, as well as the recapture of the so-called Boyko rigs in September.

"The Black Sea is safe at night, the enemy is helpless there," says the commander of the Bratstvo special forces unit, Borgeza. "The open sea is a huge area, it is very difficult to scan." According to Borgeza, during the landing of the Ukrainian special forces on Boyko's rigs, the Russians used aircraft, but to no avail. "Fortunately, there were no Russian soldiers on the rigs," Borgeza recalls. "Despite the fact that it would have been very difficult to storm the rigs, we still had a plan to storm them."

But the Russians, fleeing the rigs, densely mined them. "Everything there is covered with mines," the scout said, "drawers, ropes on the floor, half-open rations, doors - it's a continuous minefield. The towers have not been fully cleared of mines yet, our engineers still have to work there."

"Boyko's rigs are important for sea control. But planes and drones are not enough to protect them. The territory can be considered captured only when the infantry has passed," says Borgeza. "Before they fled, there were Russian servicemen on the rigs. It is quite possible that they coordinated the shelling of the coast - Odesa, Chornomorsk, etc. - from there."

A scout with the call sign Tymur, who was in charge of the operation, shared the details of the Tarkhankut operation codenamed "Awakening of Power". "We had contact with the enemy," says Tymur, "but in the end, the Russians fled, they are good at that. Our guys completed their tasks. Crimean partisans helped them in this."

Borgeza says that not everyone can work in the GUR. Moreover, not every military man can. "You can't get into the intelligence service through the military enlistment office," says the intelligence officer. "I can't tell you how to do it because it would discredit the system." However, the man named the qualities a good scout should have. "Sportsmen and soldiers are not suitable for us," he says. "We rely on dreamers and romantics. They should be curious, and such a person should go further than they were ordered to. It's a kind of exploratory drive."

The GUR guys are confident that they will be able to de-occupy Crimea. "We have one more barrier by sea, and that's it," says Timur. "We will make sure that Crimea is at home. We will do it, no matter how long it takes."

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