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Air defences destroy all Russia-launched drones targeting Kyiv

The drones came in groups and waves from different directions.

Air defences destroy all Russia-launched drones targeting Kyiv
Photo: Facebook/AFU Territorial Defence Forces

On Saturday night, Russia attacked Kyiv with drones coming in several waves and groups from different directions. Air defence forces shot down all the air targets over the capital, the city authorities said.

"The sixth air attack on Kyiv since the beginning of the month. Tonight, after three days of ballistic threats, the enemy again launched Shahed loitering munitions at the capital. UAVs attacked in groups, waves and from different directions. All enemy targets were destroyed by air defence forces and means," its statement reads.

The authorities pointed out that Russia may have returned to the tactics of May 2023.

"Back then, the Russians were constantly changing, combining, and alternating types of air weapons. The same scenario was observed by Kyiv residents in the first half of December," they said.

No-one was hurt by the falling debris.

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