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Police deputy chief suspected of ties to Russia returns to work

An internal investigation found no grounds for dismissing Tyshlek from his post.

Police deputy chief suspected of ties to Russia returns to work
Dmytro Tyshlek
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A deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, Dmytro Tyshlek, who was the subject of a journalistic investigation into alleged ties to Russia, has returned to work, as an internal investigation found no evidence of Tyshlek's links to any criminal figures, including those mentioned in the journalistic investigation. The inspection did not reveal any other grounds for dismissing Tyshlek from his position, the Interior Ministry has said in reply to an inquiry by

The Interior Ministry reported that Tyshlek was suspended from duty from 28 October to 28 November for the duration of the internal investigation. On 29 November, Tyshlek returned to duty. However Tyshlek is no longer coordinating and directing the activities of criminal police units.

The Interior Ministry saidd that the commission that conducted the internal investigation did not establish "facts that would indicate the existence of ties between D.P. Tyshlek and any criminal authorities, including those mentioned in the journalistic investigation". The Interior Ministry also noted that they had no grounds to test Tyshlek on a polygraph, and he did not express such a desire on his own initiative.

"At the same time, we inform you that the conclusion on the establishment of grounds for dismissal of Dmytro Tyshlek from his position can be made after receiving the results of the review of the materials of the official investigation by the NAPC and the SBI," the ministry concluded.

At the end of October, published an investigation that Tyshlek lived in the house of a partner of a Russian crime boss and his wife holds a Russian passport. The official's mother-in-law also has a Russian passport and supports Russia on social media. She lives in Russia, but owns a property in one of the most expensive residential complexes in Kyiv.

Subsequently, Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko said that Tyshlek would be suspended from his duties for the duration of the investigation: "If the facts reported in the media are confirmed, urgent and tough managerial decisions will be made in relation to Dmytro Tyshlek."

Later, the NAPC reported that it was monitoring Tyshlek's lifestyle, whose wife has a Russian passport. It is also investigating compliance with the restrictions and requirements for receiving gifts.

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