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Ukrainian military receives first batch of new long-range AQ 400 Scythe UAVs

It has a range of up to 750 km.

The Ukrainian military has received the first batch of new AQ 400 Scythe long-range unmanned aerial vehicles, according to Defence Blog.

The Ukrainian manufacturer Terminal Autonomy announced the successful completion of the procurement, noting the initial production capacity of 100 drones. The company wants to increase production to 500 units per month.

The AQ 400 Scythe is a long-range (750 km) drone designed for launching from short runways or catapults, capable of carrying a payload of up to 32 kg (with the possibility of increasing to 70 kg by reducing the range). Among its important characteristics are quick assembly, mass production capabilities and cost-effectiveness, making it a key asset in warfare.

Terminal Autonomy has set up production of its kamikaze drones through a network of small businesses and engineering firms specialising in the production of similar platforms. Although the company purchases some components outside of Ukraine, primarily from Germany and the UK, the project's priority is to localise production as much as possible within Ukraine.

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