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Ihor Liski: "Only we can win the war"

Ukraine has a good-end scenario for the war with Russia, but it needs to take a number of important steps to see it through, according to EFI Group's Supervisory Board Chairman Ihor Liski. Speaking at the discussion panel "2024: Challenges and Prospects", held as part of a joint project by and EFI Group, the businessman outlined the factors that, in his opinion, will contribute to Ukraine's victory.

Photo: Max Trebukhov

"No matter how difficult it is, I think our international partners will still support us in terms of values. The main task for us is to focus more on internal efficiency. There are four important factors here," Liski said.

The first factor, in his opinion, is unity at the country level.

"No matter what anyone says, we are the frontline of the civilised world. We can only be defeated by ourselves. The main task is to maintain the unity and effectiveness of the government, society and military leadership. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it is extremely important. It is necessary for mobilisation. For our Western partners. For peace in the country. For controllability and so on," the businessman argued.

The second factor is to ensure the speed and efficiency of decision-making.

"This is the only thing that saved us at the beginning of the war. But if we start to bureaucratise it, to 'bog it down'... When our law enforcement agencies returned from the 'Lviv cauldrons', they are busy thinking about how to cover their own back, not how to effectively enforce a bill or get something to the frontline as quickly as possible. And this is our internal problem. No-one in Washington, London or Brussels will do this work for us," Liski said.

The third is a dialogue within society.

"This is a super task that needs to be solved. If we do not solve it, I do not believe in success. We need to build a dialogue, for example, as far as mobilization is concerned. An effective and intelligent dialogue. Or on the topic of the economy and 'everything for the frontline'. I would like large and medium-sized businesses to know what the country needs, what they can do to produce quality weapons, perhaps some components, other things," he noted.

According to the businessman, he sees positive signals: the economy is starting to recover, the air defence system is working to ensure that there the energy infrastructure does not get damaged, and we have a balance in the energy system. However, we should rely more on ourselves, on our own efficiency, and reduce the consumption of imported goods.

The fourth is an honest conversation between the government and society about what victory means.

"We need to speak honestly and understand when and what a victory is. We need to grow up. Perhaps it needs to be stretched [in time]. Perhaps we need to make difficult decisions. But the more honest we are with society, the more likely we are to avoid repeating the mistakes of 1918, when we lost our statehood completely," the businessman emphasised.

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