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Ministry of Energy reports no electricity shortage

No blackout schedules are planned. 

Ministry of Energy reports no electricity shortage
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The Ministry of Energy has reported that as of the morning of 3 January, no electricity shortages have been recorded and are not expected for the current day.

Yesterday in the morning, the load of renewable energy facilities was reduced to balance the power in the power system. The generation produced in Ukraine is sufficient to meet the needs of consumers.

A CHPP unit was put out of service for emergency repairs, and 4 thermal generation units came back online from short-term emergency repairs. There are 2 TPP units in reserve that will be used if necessary.

The situation is under control. No outage schedules are applied. 

The agency also informed about the consequences of hostile shelling for the country's power system. As a result of massive shelling on 2 January, high-voltage lines and substations in Kyiv Region were cut off, and there were temporary disruptions in the operation of hydroelectric power plants. As a result, households in Kyiv and the Region were cut off from electricity supply - all of them have been supplied with power.

In Mykolaiv Region, an explosion near a substation disconnected a 150 kV OHL line, which cut off power to household consumers, who were quickly supplied with electricity. At the same time, generation at 6 wind farms was reduced, and the stations resumed operation in the evening.

During the artillery shelling of the 110 kV OHL in Donetsk Region, a TPP unit was disconnected and household consumers lost power. Within an hour, all customers were supplied with power from the reserve. 

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