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Russia claims “to shoot down UAV" over Engels district

There is an airfield there and it is 700 km from Ukraine. There have been explosions at this airfield before - more than a year ago. 

Russia claims “to shoot down UAV" over Engels district

The Russian Ministry of Defence and local authorities said that on the night of 10 January, a Ukrainian drone was shot down over the Engels district of Saratov Region. They did not provide any other details, the Russian-language bureau of Radio Liberty reports.

The governor of the Region assured that no one was injured. Engels has a military airfield with strategic bombers.

Planes take off from there to strike at Ukraine. The distance from the airfield to the unoccupied part of Ukraine is about 700 kilometres.

In addition to Saratov Region, unidentified drones in the sky were reported in Kursk and Orel Regions. 

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