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Ukrenergo registers new record for electricity consumption

The peaks were recorded in the morning.

Ukrenergo registers new record for electricity consumption
Photo: Energy Ministry

On 10 January, Ukrenergo registered a new record of electricity consumption.

The peaks were in the morning. The company noted that the dispatch centre was trying to balance the power system throughout the day.

"In order to help the power system operate in difficult weather conditions without stress, please consume electricity sparingly. Please be careful when using powerful electrical appliances throughout the day," Ukrenergo said.

Ukrainians were urged to reduce the use of air conditioners and heaters, especially in the morning and evening, not to turn on the iron, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and boiler at the same time, and to switch off the lights when leaving the room.

"Businesses can also contribute to supporting the power grid by reducing the lighting of signs, shop windows, banners and New Year's lights," the company added.

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