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MPs pass bill on army digitalization, providing for e-register, e-card

It was supported by 249 MPs.

MPs pass bill on army digitalization, providing for e-register, e-card

Today, parliament adopted bill No 10062, which provides for the automatic issuance of a combatant's certificate and the creation of a unified electronic register of persons liable for military service, MP Iryna Herashchenko has said.

"There are amendments to some laws to improve the procedure for processing and using data in state registers for military registration and obtaining the status of a war veteran during martial law. Unfortunately, by the second reading, the draft law was significantly worsened by the amendments of the Servants [Servant of the People party] regarding excessive interference in the private life of persons liable for military service," Herashchenko said.

According to her, the opposition factions managed to strike out certain outrageous amendments. The bill retains the provisions on the automatic receipt of a combatant's certificate.

At the same time, the bill creates a unified register of mobilised persons, which is linked to the unified register of voters.

The bill also provides for the processing of collected personal data.

Herashchenko noted that this bill is essentially a part of mobilisation. The bill does not include amendments on entering the register of debtors, administrative offences and suspicions received (before a court verdict), and other unconstitutional provisions.

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