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General Staff: Ukrainian army to continue to destroy enemy aircraft in Belgorod-Kharkiv sector

The General Staff made the statement amid the crash of the IL-76 in Russia.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to take measures to destroy enemy delivery means and control the airspace to avoid the terrorist threat, in particular in the Belgorod-Kharkiv direction, according to a statement by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The enemy's inability to achieve any results on the battlefield continues its strategy of terror, including in the Kharkiv sector. We see the use of missile attacks to destroy Kharkiv and kill civilians in other cities of Ukraine. Over the last week alone, the enemy launched 19 missile attacks on Kharkiv Region," the statement reads.

The Russians used 26 S-300 air defence systems and three Iskander-M missile systems. The attacks killed 16 people, including one child.

A total of 78 people were wounded, 13 buildings were destroyed, including one hospital, three educational institutions, and six residential buildings.

"To reduce the missile threat, the Ukrainian Armed Forces not only control the airspace, but also closely monitor missile launch points and the logistics of their supply, especially with the use of military transport aircraft. The recorded intensity of the shelling is directly related to the increase in the number of military transport aircraft that have recently been flying to the Belgorod airfield. With this in mind, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to take measures to destroy delivery vehicles and control the airspace to eliminate the terrorist threat, including on the Belgorod-Kharkiv direction," the General Staff stressed.

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