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Arakhamiya: Russia wants to top up its army, prepares campaign against Zelenskyy for March

Russia's authorities are going to use the topic of the end of the Ukrainian government's term. 

Arakhamiya: Russia wants to top up its army, prepares campaign against Zelenskyy for March
Photo: OPU

War and money are the biggest issues for Ukraine this year, said Davyd Arakhamiya, head of the Servant of the People faction in parliament, during the discussion "2024: Scenarios for the Country" as part of the and EFI Group project.

Answering the question of what he sees as the main scenarios and challenges for Ukraine this year, Arakhamiya said that there is 90% confidence that the country will receive the resources that were planned. In addition to the war, the country will face economic and political challenges.

"The only thing that bothers in terms of the war is the large replenishment of the Russian army, which is planned to be deployed to the Belgorod Region in March. There are over 200,000 soldiers who have already been trained there. And this will influence our internal agenda and the internal crisis - first, how to match up in terms of human resources. This is the topic of mobilisation, even though it is being avoided, but it exists and it will continue. Of course, the topic of mobilisation will affect all other spheres of our lives. The economy, and the departure of critical human resources. Human resources will be the main focus this year," the MP said.

In addition, he believes that discussions within the society are likely to emerge and divide into those who will accept compromise scenarios to end the war and those who will insist on victory. "There will be a lot of challenges with this, it will definitely affect all aspects of our lives: social, economic, political, of course, as well," he added, predicting that in six months' time, politicians may appear who will use these topics for the electorate.

Arakhamiya also added economic challenges to the list of challenges listed above. In addition, the expiration of the terms of the Verkhovna Rada and the president will be a challenge.

"We will be working in an extended format, which has never existed before. Nobody knows how long the extended format will last. It will be difficult to make difficult decisions. Russia is definitely preparing to launch a campaign against the President at the end of March - we know this, the Defence Intelligence reports this, and we know more or less all the message boxes," Arakhamiya added. 

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