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SBI seizes property of Hrynkevych family, takes over Morozyuk's property

Five people were notified of suspicion in the case in mid-January 2024. 

SBI seizes property of Hrynkevych family, takes over Morozyuk's property
Hrynkevych family

The State Bureau of Investigation has seized the property of the family of Lviv businessman Ihor Hrynkevych. This was reported by the SBI press service.

"Currently, in the criminal proceedings, the real estate and vehicles of the Lviv businessman, his family members - his wife, son and mother-in-law, two of his accomplices and companies controlled by them - have been seized," the statement said.

In addition, the SBI initiated the seizure of the real estate of the fiancée of Hrynkevych's son, Sofiya Morozyuk, and another accomplice.

The Bureau also recalled that in mid-January 2024, five people were served with suspicions of creating and participating in a criminal organisation and of seizing another's property by breach of trust (fraud) committed under martial law, in a particularly large scale, by a criminal organisation (Article 190(5), Article 255(1)(2) of the Criminal Code).

"The criminal actions were classified as fraud, as they were organised with the aim of seizing someone else's property (funds) through the conclusion of contracts with the Ministry of Defence by a number of controlled contractors for the purchase of goods, including clothing for the military. As a result, products of inadequate quality were delivered that could not be used for their intended purpose, which is qualified as fraud and breach of trust," the SBI explained.

The media earlier reported that Hrynkevych's wife protected the property from arrest by pledging it as bail.

The Hrynkevych case

  • Ihor Hrynkevych is a suspect in two criminal cases. He was detained on 29 December 2023 for offering a $500,000 bribe to one of the heads of the SBI's Main Investigation Department for assistance in returning property seized from companies he controlled during the investigation. The next day after his arrest, the Pecherskyy District Court of Kyiv imposed a pre-trial restraint on him. Mr Hrynkevych was remanded in custody with the possibility of posting bail in the amount of 429,440,000 hryvnyas. The businessman's property was seized.
  • While in pre-trial detention, Hrynkevych was served a second notice of suspicion - of supplying low-quality clothing to the army. In addition, the businessman's companies were supposed to supply food to the military. 
  • In addition to Hrynkevych Sr., his son Roman Hrynkevych is also a suspect in the case of supplies to the army. He was detained in Odesa after he had been on the wanted list. The SBI said that at first they could not detain him because there was no evidence.
  • Now Roman Hrynkevych is also under arrest. 
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