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Kyiv Defence Council meets due to recent missile attacks, potential threats to capital city

The head of the KCMA reported on preventive measures. 

Kyiv Defence Council meets due to recent missile attacks, potential threats to capital city
There is damage in several districts in Kyiv
Photo: Interior Ministry

The Kyiv Defence Council held an emergency meeting on security in the city. The reason for the meeting was statements by the Russian authorities about their intention to increase the number of missile attacks.

The intentions are confirmed by recent missile strikes using weapons with the shortest arrival time, according to the Kyiv City Military Administration. In a statement, the KCMA said that it could not exclude the threat of sabotage groups entering Kyiv and involvement of Russian intelligence agents and other hostile elements to destabilise the situation in the capital.

The Kyiv Defence Council decided:

  1. Urgently work out the issue of holding further events in Kyiv that involve a large number of people.
  2. Review regulatory documents on the life of citizens of the capital regarding the operation of public transport, sports, cultural, educational, medical, and entertainment events, as well as in crowded places to ensure the safety of citizens.
  3. All law enforcement and military structures of Kyiv, in accordance with their powers, to increase attention to crowded places, to ensure public safety and order in the capital. Ensure that all necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of Kyiv citizens.
  4. All responsible structures and balance holders of civil defence facilities to ensure constant access of the population to shelters."

The Head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, Serhiy Popko, warned that social media will be monitored separately for the spread of disinformation, provocations and other information aimed at destabilising the situation in the capital.

"I ask Kyiv residents to remain calm. Do not panic. We are taking preventive measures to ensure that Kyiv and its residents are reliably protected. Follow safety rules - do not ignore air raid alerts. Take care of yourselves," Popko said. 

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