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Maximum attention to Kharkiv: energy situation, support for people, businesses - Zelenskyy

The President also held a Sumpreme C’n’C staff meeting.

Maximum attention to Kharkiv: energy situation, support for people, businesses - Zelenskyy
Volodymyr Zelenskyy
Photo: Press service of the Office of the President of Ukraine

Maximum attention is now being paid to Kharkiv - the energy situation, support for people and businesses.This was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his evening address.

"Maximum attention is now being paid to Kharkiv: the energy situation, support for people and businesses in the city and region. We are working with our partners to strengthen air defence in order to counteract Russia's plans for Kharkiv," the President said.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a Sumpreme C’n’C staff meeting today to discuss the situation in Kharkiv and the region, as well as in other areas of the frontline.

"I am grateful to every soldier and commander who are doing everything possible to ensure that our positions are strong now, so that even with a shortage of shells, our units can destroy the occupier. And from this perspective, drone production, drone supply, fair and timely logistics are key. Our army must be as technologically advanced as possible. And everyone who works for this is doing a great job for Ukraine. The Chief of Staff reported on the entire frontline, on critical areas. It is clearly defined how to act," the President continued.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy also held a meeting with the Office's team on the possibilities of supporting Kharkiv and the region's community.

"Support socially and economically. I am waiting for detailed and prompt proposals from the government. Today we had a report on our ability to reduce the electricity deficit in Kharkiv and on the state of the entire energy system. I am grateful to all our power engineers and repair teams. Everyone who is restoring the system, networks, and normal supply of people is a real hero. I am grateful to everyone," he added.

"Third. Our foreign policy activities for this week and some events in May and June. We have discussed preparations to strengthen Ukraine. Work is underway on new defence packages and new steps to put pressure on Russia," the President said in the address.

The Head of State also emphasised the shelling of Sumy region: "A rescue operation is currently underway in Bilopillya, Sumy region, after a Russian attack with a guided aerial bomb - right in the centre of the city. There is a lot of damage to the city's buildings, there are wounded. As of this time, we know about one death. My condolences. We need more opportunities to hit the terrorist state in response - military, sanctions, economic, legal and other opportunities. The occupier will not understand anything else. Only force, only its own, Russian losses. And we must ensure this - everyone in the world who truly values peace and strives for peace."

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