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SBU discovers Russian citizenship of Ministry of Justice official Maryna Prylutska

It has become known how the Security Service of Ukraine discovered a hidden Russian citizen among the officials of the Ministry of Justice.

SBU discovers Russian citizenship of Ministry of Justice official Maryna Prylutska
Maryna Prylutska
Photo: Facebook / Central Interregional Department of the Ministry of Justice

The Security Service of Ukraine has declassified and granted permission to hand over to journalists documents related to the discovery of a Russian citizen in the senior management of the Ministry of Justice in July 2021. obtained photocopies of the SSU's Letter "For Official Use" and its annexes. The 18 pages contain evidence of the official's voluntary receipt of a Russian passport in 2014, which is a deliberate violation of Ukrainian law.

As it turned out from the documents, a photocopy of Maryna Prylutska's Russian passport, together with a corresponding statement, was handed over to the SSU counterintelligence service by a Ukrainian citizen, Viktor Ivanovych Prylutskyy, back in November 2019.

Maryna Prylutska's e-declarations do not contain any information about her family members, but the editorial office has information from its own sources in the Ministry of Justice that it is the father of Maryna's ex-husband, Viktor Prilutskyy, who handed over a photocopy of the Russian passport to our counterintelligence service.

To confirm the validity of the Ukrainian official's Russian passport, the SSU used the online service for checking the validity of Russian passports - the Russian Passport system at the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the official website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

It was established that the passport of the Russian citizen of the corresponding series and number "Marina Aleksandrovna Prilutskaya" was valid at the time of the inspection. The said citizen was assigned an identification number.

The SSU letter states that Marina Prylutska was repeatedly offered to undergo a polygraph examination, but she avoided this procedure under various pretexts.We would like to remind you that in 2021, based on the SSU materials, Maryna Prylutska was dismissed from her position at the Ministry of Justice. However, she appealed this decision.

In January 2024, a panel of judges of the Administrative Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court, consisting of the judge-rapporteur Andriy Zhuk, judges Nataliya Martynyuk and Zhanna Melnyk-Tomenko, cancelled the decision of the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal on the legality of the dismissal of a Russian citizen from a civil service position.

The Ministry of Justice is calling for the Supreme Court judges to be held accountable for the reinstatement of the Russian citizen.The case is currently undergoing a new review by the Sixth Administrative Court of Appeal.

Maryna Prylutska's lawyers provided the court with a certificate from the 'Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow' stating that she does not have a Russian passport.

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