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Malyuska: no more than 20,000 people with criminal records can be mobilised

This is an approximate number, and the final result depends, in particular, on the Military Medical Commission.

In Ukraine, no more than 10-20,000 people with criminal records will be able to be mobilised, according to Justice Minister Denys Malyuska. However, this is a rough estimate, he told BBC Ukraine.

The possibility of voluntary mobilisation for convicts also depends on military medical commissions. Malyuska said that there had been previous experience of prisoners undergoing a military medical commission, and that people with "perfect health" were required.

"But it seems that the approach has now changed, the Armed Forces are now more determined to create fewer obstacles to mobilisation. Therefore, perhaps this subjectivity will become less. At least, I hope so, because, again, we are at war... We do not choose people to parade down Khreshchatyk on 24 August," he said.

Malyuska also acknowledged the parallels between the mobilisation of prisoners in Ukraine and the mobilisation in prisons in Russia, but stressed that in Russia it was forced. In Ukraine, convicts will be able to sign a contract, not just be recruited and go to war without preparation.

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