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Sources in Defence Forces: Russia increases sabotage activities in Sumy Region, frontline areas

The enemy also continues to deploy new occupants.

Sources in Defence Forces: Russia increases sabotage activities in Sumy Region, frontline areas

The Russians continue to conduct demonstration actions in the direction of Kozynka and Velyka Pysarivka in Sumy Region and have intensified sabotage against infrastructure in the frontline areas. This was reported to by sources in the Defence Forces. 

In addition, on 30 June, the occupiers used a new tactic of missile attacks - they launched a sudden single strike on Kyiv. It is expected that the enemy will continue to actively use tactical aviation to launch massive or concentrated strikes. 

Given the current schedule for equipping missile launchers and crew training, the Russians were ready to launch another massive/combined missile and air strike on the territory of Ukraine earlier this week.
Russia also continues to build up its ground capabilities, deploying troops, weapons and equipment to the occupied territory and building up its defence capabilities there. 

The ground forces of the Russian Armed Forces participating in the hostilities number up to 522,300 people, and the National Guard - up to 35,800 more. A week earlier, their numbers were estimated at 521,000 and 35,800 respectively, meaning that the number of armed forces alone increased in a week. Prior to that, Russia had been deploying not only new armed forces, but also guardsmen for several weeks. 

The defence forces, for their part, are increasing the range and intensity of their strikes on enemy targets deep in the enemy's territory. The defenders also hit targets in the occupied territories and conduct cyberattacks and information influence measures that allow the Ukrainian side to achieve at least demoralising effects on the population of the aggressor state. 

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