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White House unveils details of strengthening Ukraine's air defence

A coalition of 50 countries will provide more than $1 billion to defend Ukraine's skies. 

White House unveils details of strengthening Ukraine's air defence
Patriot system
Photo: X/Martin Jäger

A joint declaration by the leaders of the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and Italy on providing Ukraine with the necessary air defence equipment is published on the White House website.

During the NATO summit, the states agreed to supply Ukraine with additional Patriot batteries provided by the United States, Germany and Romania, components for Patriot from the Netherlands and other partners to operate another battery, and a separate SAMP-T system from Italy. These 5 strategic systems are to be "rapidly deployed in coordination with the Ukrainian government". By the end of the year, the leaders promise new air defence announcements for Ukraine.

Also, in the coming months, Kyiv will receive a number of tactical-level systems: NASAMS, HAWK, IRIS-T of two modifications, Gepard. Other NATO partners, including Canada, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom, will contribute to the provision of these weapons.

In total, the air defence coalition for Ukraine includes more than 50 countries that have pledged to invest more than $1 billion to strengthen the protection of Ukraine's skies. 

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