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Gorshenin Institute: No full-blown political crisis in Ukraine

The government is unlikely to go either in short or medium term.

Gorshenin Institute: No full-blown political crisis in Ukraine
Oleksiy Leshchenko
Photo: Serhiy Nuzhnenko

There is no full-blown political crisis in Ukraine yet. This was a conclusion of the political analysis presented by Gorshen Institute Vice-President Oleksiy Leshchenko at the round table entitled "Does a split of the coalition carry a risk of government reformatting?" and hosted by the think-tank.

"We state that there is no full-blown political crisis. It is not because our government is so effective. It is because there are no subjects of equal power who would be interested in changing the existing status quo. There are no such people either in the coalition, or in the government, or in the presidential vertical. There is no-one who could challenge the government, coalition or president," he said.

He suggested one should not expect the government led by Arseniy Yatsenyuk to go either in the short or medium term.

Yatsenyuk has headed the Ukrainian government since 27 February 2014.

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