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Radical Party quits talks on return to coalition

The party's proposals were ignored, it says.

Radical Party quits talks on return to coalition
Oleh Lyashko, Radical Party leader
Photo: Max Trebukhov

The Radical Party has quit negotiations on its return to the parliamentary coalition, its leader Oleh Lyashko has said on Facebook.

"The coalition factions refused to heed the Radical Party's suggestions on drafting a new coalition agreement and a new professional government based on it [...] Therefore we announce that we are quitting the negotiation process due to the authorities' refusal to form a new coalition and a new government on which we insisted," he said.

Lyashko recalled that his party insists that Donbas should not be given a special status while the ban on the sale of farmland and the cap on the pension age should stay. Also, they want a full reset of the judiciary and the prosecutor-general and the National Bank of Ukraine governor to step down.

Next week the Cabinet of Ministers is expected to report to parliament which will decide whether to keep or dismiss it.

The Radical Party was a junior coalition party from December 2014 to September 2015.

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