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President approves 2016 stade defence order

The document is classified.

President approves 2016 stade defence order
Photo: EPA/UPG

President Petro Poroshenko has enacted the 27 January resolution of the National Security and Defence Council on the main parameters of the 2016 state defence order.

The document approved by decree No 40 is classified.

Earlier Poroshenko instructed state customers and Ukroboronprom, Ukraine's industrial defence company, to include in the 2016 state order the development and purchase of missile weapons within the Olkha project, cruise missile systems based on the technical solutions of the Neptun project, new types of artillery systems, high-accuracy rockets and ammunition, anti-tank missile systems. new automatic gun fire control and reconnaissance systems.

He said it was important to buy drones, including assault ones, latest APCs, communication and control systems, navigation equipment, space intelligence technologies and materials.

It is planned to develop and buy modernized aircraft, helicopters, medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems, radars and jammers.

Weapons will be bought for the Navy ad the purchase of combat vessels and armoured artillery boats will be considered.

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