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EU calls on Ukrainian authorities to unite for reforms

The European Union Delegation has issued a statement in agreement with EU Heads of Mission in Ukraine.

EU calls on Ukrainian authorities to unite for reforms

The EU has called upon the Ukrainian authorities as well as on all political parties to unit to ensure the reform process in Ukraine continues "with renewed vigour", the EU Delegation has said in a statement in agreement wit EU Heads of Mission in Ukraine.

"This is vital for Ukraine’s future, its democratic development and its people. The economic and social recovery of Ukraine requires further improvements in the business climate, as well as continued popular support for the reforms set in motion by the Government. In particular, Ukraine urgently needs credible and concrete results in the fight against corruption. A key area in this regard is transparency in the selection and appointment of managers of state-owned enterprises and in their financial reporting as well as steps toward privatization or liquidation of some of those enterprises, in line with the programme for macroeconomic and financial stabilisation agreed with International Financial Institutions," the statement reads.

"Realisation of this reform programme, together with strengthening of democracy and the rule of law, as called for in the association agreement, will require an alignment of reform efforts across all sectors. Ukraine will also need to redouble its efforts to build political consensus within democratic institutions," the diplomats said.

They recalled that the EU and its member states are providing substantial financial and technical support to Ukraine for these reforms and stand ready to continue support for dedicated reform efforts.

"At this critical juncture, Ukraine’s political leaders need to set aside their differences and jointly focus on the continued implementation of the reform agenda. Unity behind much needed reforms must be a priority for all political forces," they concluded.

The political crisis in Ukraine broke out as some coalition parties were seeking to dismiss the government, which is likely to bring about a snap election to parliament.

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