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First judge disqualified after failing competency test

A Kherson judge will have to improve her skills.

First judge disqualified after failing competency test

The first judge in Ukraine has been suspended from serving justice after failing a competency test. 

On 24 February, the qualification chamber of the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges announced results of the first qualification assessment of the first nine judges. Seven of them passed the test, one judge's results are postponed and one judge failed it.

The person in question is Olha Bidnyna, a judge of Kherson's Suvorovskyy district court. The commission suspended her from serving justice and sent her to the National School of Judges of Ukraine for repeat training which will last until 22 August. She will have to stand another test afterwards.

All 8,000 judges in Ukraine will have to take a competency test in line with the law "On ensuring the right to fair trial".

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