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Radical Party head flashes 160,000 dollars in 2015 income

Lyashko’s revenues quadrupled in a year.

Chairman of the Radical Party faction Oleh Lyashko declared 4.2m hryvnyas (0.16m dollars) in 2015 revenues, reads the lawmaker’s 2015 income statement, posted on the official parliamentary website.

Lyashko’s earnings totaled 4,169,871 hryvnia last year, out of which 79,596 hryvnyas was his salary and 4,090,275 hryvnyas he earned by leasing out his properties.

The MP’s assets include a 1.26 ha land plot, two apartments of 95.5 sq. m and 367.2 sq. m and two other properties with total area of 206.4 sq. m. Also, he leased out land plots: 0.45 ha for 30,000 hryvnyas and 0.15 ha for 18,000 hryvnyas, and a house of 550 sq. m. for 60 thousand hryvnia. Lyashko owns a 2004 year Toyota Prado.

In 2015, the radical politician deposited 2,035,475 hryvnyas to his bank accounts. He spent 153,879 hryvnyas on the maintenance of his properties.

Lyashko’s family did not declare any incomes for 2015. His family owns a 1/4 of a 20.5 sq. m/ apartment and a 2014 car Mazda CX-May. They did not declare having any bank deposits, securities or other assets.

Last year Lyashko declared over 1m hryvnyas income.

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