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Ukraine asks OSCE to deploy armed posts on border with Russia

Ukraine has asked the OSCE to place armed posts on the border with the Russian Federation

President Petro Poroshenko said a OSCE police mission should be deployed not only in the collision line in Donbass but also along the uncontrolled stretches of border with Russia.

It is vitally important, he said, as it is impossible to achieve a durable ceasefire in the current format. "As the Ukrainian troops heroically defend the industrial zone in Avdiivka, we face virtually incessant bombardments using artillery and mortars. We see the use of tanks, two of which have been wrecked down by Ukrainian military. OSCE Special monitoring mission have the opportunity to observe this," Poroshenko told Ukrainian TV channels Sunday night.

The president said OSCE armed posts should be deployed in Donbass. "What kind of posts? Armed ones," he stressed.

"I called for the leadership of Germany, which is heading the OSCE today and I’m going in the near future to raise this issue at the talks in the Normandy format. An armed OSCE police force should ensure preparations for the elections, the conduct of elections, and the transfer of power to the leaders elected in free elections under the Ukrainian legislation with whom we are going to deal," Poroshenko said.

The leaders who currently run some regions of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, will have to get away along with the Russian troops, the president said.

Earlier, Poroshenko stated preparedness to cooperate with Donbas tycoons Rinat Akhmetov and Yuriy Boyko provided they win a fair election in the uncontrolled parts of Donbass.

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