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Experts, Tymoshenko to weigh impact of even higher utility rates on Ukrainians

A round table conference organized by Gorshenin Institute.

Experts, Tymoshenko to weigh impact of even higher utility rates on Ukrainians

On 25 May (Wednesday), at 11:00 Gorshenin Institute will host a roundtable conference titled Will Ukrainians survive next increase in utility tariffs?"

The organizer of the round table - Gorshenin Institute

Issues for discussion:

What is the cost of public services? Who benefits from tariff increases? What part of utility bills is spent to upgrade equipment and increase energy efficiency? What are Ukraine's commitments to increase tariffs? Is there an alternative? Is confiscation of real estate an adequate measure to combat non-payers? Should there be different rates for water and energy for households, businesses and non-profit organizations? Benefits and grants: a way out of the situation or a step toward corruption abyss?

Participants of the round table:

Yuliya Tymoshenko, MP, Chairperson of the Fatherland; 

Serhiy Kunitsyn, MP, BPP;

MP Alyona Babak, Samopomich; 

Valentyn Zemlyansky, director of energy programs, the Center for World Economy and International Relations, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; 

Yuriy Havrylchenko, expert, NGO Fund for Public Security. 

Contacts for media accreditation: (044) 230 49 62.

Make sure to mention Gorshenin Institute as the organizer of the event in media references.

Gorshenin Institute: 18b Mala Zhytomyrska St., (entrance through the arch from Mikhailivsky Lane).

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