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Groysman's adviser sees no need for state-owned banks

There is no reason for banks to have domestic owners, Miklos says

The chief advisor to Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, Slovak reformer Ivan Miklos said state-owned banks would rather be privatized

There is no reason to leave banks in state ownership, Miklos said in an interview to

"There is no reason, too, for banks to have domestic owners. Slovakia and Estonia do not have state-owned banks, and most of their banks are owned by Western (European and American) banking groups. In Slovakia, two small, or medium-sized banks are private businesses. During the crisis of 2008-2009, Slovakia had no trouble [in banking sector] in contrast to, say, Slovenia, a country with a similar name. A significant part of the banking sector there is owned by the state, and they have had huge problems with corruption in these companies and their inefficiency. During the crisis they had to support these banks to bail them out," said Ivan Miklos.

The previous Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko wanted to sell 20% stakes in the state-owned Oshchadbank and Ukreximbank.

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