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Groysman: e-procurement saboteurs in for axe

In 2016, all public procurements must be done electronically.

Groysman: e-procurement saboteurs in for axe
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Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman warned that the government will dismiss heads of state agencies that sabotage the conduct of the public procurement through the ProZorro system.

"I think it would be fair if all the managers who after 1 August are not using electronic procurement system, get fired. Every such official, appointed by government, should be fired. Neither the state nor society do not need top managers that have no political will to procure in a fair manner," Groysman told a Cabinet meeting on June 1.

The prime minister noted that the electronic procurement system is capable of bringing significant savings to the state. "Why paying 40 per cent more for, say, sugar. These 40 percent add up in billions that are in fact stolen from pensioners and the army. Billions! I don't want to hear any excuses!" Groysman stressed.

Until the end of 2016, all public procurements should be translated into the ProZorro public procurement system. It will process public procurements of goods and services worth over 200 thousand hryvnia, and works that are worth more than 1.5m hryvnia. The system will be launched in two stages: from 1 April - for the central bodies of executive power; and from August 1 - for the other public procurements.

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