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Ukrainian security supremo says Russia steps up cyber espionage

He believes every such case "should be given active and asymmetric response".

Ukrainian security supremo says Russia steps up cyber espionage
Photo: NSDC press service

The secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov, has said available intelligence "gives reasons to say that the Russian Federation is engaged in active aggressive policy not only on the front line in easter Ukraine but also in the cyber space, which is an element of 'hybrid' warfare against our state".

He was speaking at a meeting of the National Coordination Centre for Cyber Security, according to the NSDC website.

"Other threats are also on the agenda, including an increase in cyber crimes and intensifying cyber espionage," he said. Turchynov recalled that the recently adopted Cyber Security Strategy is meant to tackle these problems.

He expects the National Coordination Centre for Cyber Security must become a system-forming element of the entire cyber security and protection system of Ukraine.

"We have little time to take stock of the available forces, means and capacities to increase the potential of relevant public offices to provide response. There should be a well-adjusted mechanism of interaction and information exchange between cyber security agencies in case of detection of cyber attacks and cyber incidents," he added.

"Special attention will be paid to information processing, development of effective mechanisms of providing fast response to threats," he said.

Every cyber challenge "should be given active asymmetric response".

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