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​Grenades found along procession route

The marchers are offered to take buses.

Along the route of the religious procession in Kyiv's Svyatoshinskyy district two dummy explosive devices and two sets of grenade with smoke bombs were discovered, the aide of interior minister, Anton Herashchenko said of 26 July.

He said that explosives were found by the side of the road with the help of the police canine squad.

"Cashes with F-1 grenades were detected 3-5 meters from the side of the road. In case of an explosion the explosives represented a real threat to the marchers," Herashchenko wrote on his FB page.

Mine squads using sapper robots are working on the sites.

"In order to prevent a possible terrorist attack, the representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate were offered that the marchers proceed to the worship site in buses," Herashchenko wrote.

Зolice hopes that the organizers of the procession accede to the proposal, he concluded.

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